Campus Safety Coordinator Program

DALLAS I.S.D. — Dallas, Texas

Dallas I.S.D. is the second largest school district in the state, with 230 schools and 157,000 students. D.I.S.D. Risk Management implemented the Campus Safety Coordinator Program and it is structured for program success. The foundation of the program includes the following components: safety training, safety inspections, safety communication, safety partnerships, safety videos, and safety incentives. The 10 campuses with the highest safety scores receive recognition and a monetary incentive to be used for the purchase of safety items for their campuses. Since 2016, workers’ compensation claims cost have decreased by $1.8 million, with the reduction being at least partially attributed to this program.

Liability Coverage Risk Assessment


Risk Management at the Port of Corpus Christi Authority conducted a comprehensive assessment and benchmarking analysis designed to determine the costs/benefits of adjusting or eliminating specific types of liability insurance that the Port maintained. The Port focused on law enforcement liability, errors and omissions, foreign liability, auto and general liability, and excess protection and indemnity coverage and exposures. After thorough review of the risk assessment matrix, the benchmarking analysis, and the Port’s 5 year loss history, recommendations were implemented that resulted in cost savings of more than $100,000 per year.

No Texting and Driving

KATY I.S.D. — Katy, Texas

Katy I.S.D. is a large school district of 73,000 students+ that spans more than 181 square miles east of Houston. Risk Management at Katy I.S.D. Risk Management created an innovative 30-second YouTube video about the hazards of texting and driving, complete with drivers and a crash. Designed to promote awareness and prevent injury-accidents caused while texting and driving, the YouTube format has been a successful way to reach students, parents and school staff. The video’s online format makes it available to all Texas PRIMA members for use as an awareness, prevention, and training resource as well.

Workers’ Compensation Resource Manual

CITY OF FORT WORTH — Fort Worth, Texas

Risk Management at the City of Fort Worth, the 5th largest city in Texas, produced a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Resource Manual designed to provide information and guidance to both staff and injured employees. The 178-page manual contains sections such as: Duties and Responsibilities, Claims Reporting Requirements, Medical Treatment, Return to Work, and Time and Attendance. Fort Worth’s 109-page Claims Handling Instructions Manual was also extensively revised. This manual contains different information such as: contact information, excess carrier information, third-party administrator team, and claims adjusting protocols. These manuals are valuable tools designed to aid staff and injured workers regarding how the claims process works and what to expect.